Hypnotic Vibes

Motion 11 May 2012 1 Comment

Be careful not to stare at the following design from Gianni Sarcone for too long or you might become hypnotized!  Do you perceive the red portion of this design to be pulsating?

Hypnotic Vibes by Gianni Sarcone

This design was selected by an eye drop company for an advertising campaign.  It would seem to be a good choice as looking at it for too long would certainly make me want to invest in some eye drops.  More of Gianni Sarcone’s illusion designs can be viewed on his Flickr page which features experimental optical illusions for researchers in visual art and cognitive sciences.

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One Response on “Hypnotic Vibes”

  1. paracina says:

    Even though I know this image does not move, I can connect it with the beat of my heart. Strange, yet wonderful.

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