Dynamic Muller-Lyer Illusion

Animation, Estimation 5 July 2017 1 Comment

Gianni Sarcone emailed me earlier today letting me know about a new animation that he created based on a classic optical illusion.  The animation consists of 26 different frames and helps to demonstrate the Muller-Lyer illusion.  In this illusion, discovered in the late 19th century, the presence of arrows gives the appearance that equal segments of the line are different lengths.

Have a look for yourself.

(via Gianni Sarcone)

UPDATE:  This illusion won 3rd prize at the 2017 Best Illusion of the Year Contest.  Congratulations to Gianni!

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One Response on “Dynamic Muller-Lyer Illusion”

  1. Max says:

    Very clever indeed.

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