The Breathing Hexagon

Animation, Motion 31 December 2017 2 Comments

First off, Happy New Year to all!  Make your New Year’s resolutions and get 2018 off to a terrific start!  Today’s optical illusion is an animated GIF from Gianni Sarcone called “The Breathing Hexagon”.  It appears that the hexagon (or maybe even a 3D cube?) pulsates slowly each time the frame changes.  This is not the case, however, as every ellipse stands perfectly still and only the change between each frame is the coloring.  The entire hexagon shape still somehow manages to “breathe” or pulsate!

(via Gianni Sarcone)

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2 Responses on “The Breathing Hexagon”

  1. Vince Konings says:

    Gianni is a real artist! This illusion is, once again, absolutely brilliant. Hard to believe the hexagon is actually stationary.
    By the way, have a great 2018, Brad!

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