How The Ames Room Illusion Works

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How The Ames Room Illusion Works

In this brief video from Scientific American, the Ames Room illusion is demonstrated and then completely revealed.  If you are not familiar with an Ames Room, first have a look at this vintage Ames Room illusion photograph.  Now watch the video and see exactly how this trick is done.

Honda CR-V Optical Illusion Commercial

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Honda CRV Optical Illusion Commercial

This one minute commercial for the Honda CR-V features a number of different optical illusions. The tag line for the commercial is “An Impossible Made Possible”, and the result is a mind-bending and pretty entertaining advertisement. I typically do not like many commercials, but I must admit that this one was well done. Do you […]

Vintage Ames Room Illusion

Forced Perspective 3 July 2012 2 Comments

Ames Room

At first glance, it looks like a giant, a normal-sized man and a very small man are standing in the same room together.  This type of illusion is called an Ames Room and uses a fixed viewing perspective to fool you. In reality, the right corner of the room is much closer to the viewer […]