Honda CR-V Optical Illusion Commercial

Anamorphosis,Forced Perspective,Impossible,Video 21 November 2013 0 Comments

Honda CRV Optical Illusion Commercial

This one minute commercial for the Honda CR-V features a number of different optical illusions. The tag line for the commercial is “An Impossible Made Possible”, and the result is a mind-bending and pretty entertaining advertisement. I typically do not like many commercials, but I must admit that this one was well done. Do you […]

Crazy Nuts Illusion

Impossible,Video 25 April 2012 0 Comments

Crazy Nuts Illusion

This video presents two nuts with openings facing in different direction.  A single pencil is then placed through both of the holes simultaneously in a manner that certainly looks to be impossible. The video then goes on to reveal exactly how this illusion is performed.  But even knowing the secret to the construction of these […]