Recycled Waste by Jan von Holleben

Composite 12 October 2015 0 Comments

Recycled Waste by Jan von Holleben

Photographer Jan von Holleben created this piece for the internal magazine of a major notorious power company.  The recognizable symbol for recycling is made completely from trash and other discarded items.  In the article for the magazine, Holleben illustrated the travels of waste and its sticky handling within the European Union.  He points out that […]

Dreams of Flying by Jan von Holleben

Forced Perspective 23 September 2013 0 Comments

Jan von Holleben The Diver

“Dreams of Flying” is an ongoing series that began in 2002 from photographer Jan von Holleben.  Drawing inspiration from childhood books and modern superheroes, he uses children from his local neighborhood in Southwest Germany to create entertaining and whimsical scenes.