Brusspup’s T-Rex Optical Illusion

Video 17 February 2014 0 Comments

Brusspup's T-Rex Optical Illusion

This video version of the famous dragon illusion from Brusspup is based on an original idea by the late magician Jerry Andrus.  Brusspup’s original idea was to test out the illusion with many dragons all at once.  While he hoped to use 20 to 30 simultaneously, he ultimately settled on using just 8.  Watching multiple […]

Box Impossible from Jerry Andrus

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Box Impossible From Jerry Andrus

“I can fool you because you’re a human,” said Jerry Andrus.  “You have a wonderful human mind that works no different from my human mind.  Usually when we’re fooled, the mind hasn’t made a mistake.  It’s come to the wrong conclusion for the right reason.” During his illustrious life, Jerry Andrus was many things.  He […]

Dragon Illusion

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Dragon Illusion

As the camera moves, the dragon’s head appears to follow it.  Whether the camera moves side to side or up and down, the eyes always seem to move to look directly at the camera. The video reveals how the illusion works.  Your mind makes the assumption that the dragon head is shaped one way when […]

Crazy Nuts Illusion

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Crazy Nuts Illusion

This video presents two nuts with openings facing in different direction.  A single pencil is then placed through both of the holes simultaneously in a manner that certainly looks to be impossible. The video then goes on to reveal exactly how this illusion is performed.  But even knowing the secret to the construction of these […]