Shark Attack Ambigram

Ambigrams 31 July 2013 0 Comments

Shark Attack Ambigram

While browsing through Nikita Prokhorov’s recent book Ambigrams Revealed for the third time, one of the featured ambigram designs really stood out to me.  This design by Mark Palmer from Red Chapter Clothing reads exactly the same when rotated 180 degrees.  Palmer notes that, “From start to finish, this Shark Attack ambigram is one of […]

Ambigrams Revealed

Ambigrams 6 May 2013 0 Comments

Ambigrams Revealed Cover

Ambigrams Revealed is a new book from graphic and ambigram designer Nikita Prokhorov.  The book features a series of ambigram case studies that are judged by a panel that includes the author, John Langdon, Scott Kim, and five others.  It also features a 40 page “Ambigram Showcase” toward the back of the book that contains […]

True/False Ambigram by John Langdon

Ambigrams 19 December 2012 2 Comments

True/False by John Langdon

This ambigram, created by John Langdon, features two words with opposite meanings that can be seen individually by rotating the image 180 degrees.  Shown at this angle, the word TRUE can be seen and a very fancy font.

Big Fun by John Langdon

Hidden Objects 2 October 2012 0 Comments

Big Fun Logo by John Langdon

One quick look at this grinning man reveals that he is all about having big fun. John Langdon designed this logo for  a client looking for a design for an extra-curricular entertainment project.  More of John Langdon’s logo designs can be viewed at his website –

Love by John Langdon

Ambigrams 5 September 2012 0 Comments

Love by John Langdon

What word do you see below?  Do you see one word or two words? There are two distinct words, that happen to be polar opposites of one another within this figure-ground ambigram.  Perhaps the word that you see first says something about your personality or current state of happiness.