Shiny Legs Optical Illusion

Ambiguous 7 February 2017 0 Comments

Shiny Legs Optical Illusion

Take a good look at the the legs in this photograph. Do they appear to be shiny to you, as if they are wet or have oil rubbed on them?  Would you believe that they are not oily at all?  Instead, they are just a normal pair of dry legs with streaks and spots of […]

Ambiguous Dancing Legs

Ambiguous,Video 3 April 2013 1 Comment


Today’s video arrived in my inbox courtesy of Masodo, a regular visitor to this site.  He runs a blog called BlogDogIt where he posts about a variety of things that he finds interesting.  The video features a dance routine by eight girls who use clever choreography and black & white costumes to create an ambiguous […]

Shigeo Fukuda Legs Illusion

Ambiguous 25 February 2013 0 Comments

Shigeo Fukuda Exhibition

Looking back through the archives, I was surprised that something from the late Japanese artist Shigeo Fukuda had not been featured on An Optical Illusion yet.  During his lifetime, Fukuda produced well over a thousand poster designs (among other artistic endeavors that I am sure we will explore at a later time).  Many of his […]