Amazing Holograms from Brusspup

Video 16 September 2013 0 Comments

brusspup hologram

Last year, we featured a video showing the Mirage 3D Hologram Generator in action.  You place a small object inside the unit and it projects a hologram (using mirrors) of the same object that appears to hover above the unit.  They are a really cool item to have on your desk or give to someone […]

Mirage 3D Hologram Generator

Miscellaneous,Video 26 November 2012 0 Comments

Mirage 3D Hologram Generator

The Mirage 3D Hologram Generator creates a small, full-color hologram using curved mirrors.  It looks like an object is hovering above the unit, but when you go to touch it, there is nothing but air.  The object is actually located inside of the unit itself. This item makes a terrific gift or conversation piece.  If […]