Fritz Müller Perlwein

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Fritz Müller Perlwein

Fritz Müller Perlwein is a German sparkling wine made by Jürgen Hofmann.  Their unique packaging and labels use horizontal black and white stripes, and this poster uses offsetting black and white stripes a “phantom” bottle of their product.  No bottle exists here, but you certainly cannot help but to see it. The original label and […]

The Op Art of Bridget Riley

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The Op Art of Bridget Riley

Bridget Riley was born in London, UK in 1931 and studied at Goldsmiths College and Royal College of Art, London.  During the 1960’s, she became well known across the world for her Op Art paintings after exhibiting alongside Victor Vasarely and other artists in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. The untitled work below from […]

Digital Op Art by Charline Lancel

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Compo34 Fushia by Charline Lancel

Belgian artist Charline Lancel creates digital op art pieces and prints them on large aluminum panels using a printing process called ChromaLuxe.  While she has been told that her work resembles that of Victor Vasarely, she was not aware of his work when she first started creating digital op art in 2007.  The following spherical […]

The Op Art of Victor Vasarely

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Victor Vasarely

Victor Vasarely is the father of Op Art and recognized as one of the 20th centuries most important artists.  His use of color, geometry and optical illusion in his art yielded fantastic results and influenced scores of younger artists.  As such, his paintings are in the permanent collections of museums around the globe and admired […]

Double Truncated Pyramids by Robin Hunnam

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Double Truncated Pyramids - Op Art by Robin Hunnam

Today’s illusion is titled “Double Truncated Pyramids” by op artist Robin Hunnam.  These “double pyramids” appear to form a series of strange three-dimensional towers.  Do you perceive depth in this image? To view more of Robin’s work, please visit his blog – Grasshoppermind.


Motion 12 September 2012 0 Comments


Stare at the center of this figure.  Does it appear that there is scintillating activity (or movement) within the purple rings? This figure, titled “The Enigma”, was painted by Isia Leviant in 1981.

Hollow Necker Cube by Robin Hunnam

Ambiguous 31 July 2012 0 Comments

Hollow Necker Cube by Robin Hunnam

Robin Hunnam creates stunning digital op art.  He studied graphic design at Ravensbourne College of Art and Design and previously worked as an art director at an advertising agency in London.  He cites Bridget Riley, Victor Vasarely and M. C. Escher as artists who have influenced his style.   His work below features several hollow Necker […]