How Many 3s Do You See?

Hidden Objects 1 April 2016 5 Comments

How Many 3s Do You See?

First off, this is not any sort of joke related to April Fool’s Day!  I just saw this puzzle floating around the Internet and thought that it was kind of interesting.  It has a lot of people debating on the actual answer (it appears that there are several based on how you interpret the question).  […]

Putting it Together by J.D. Hillberry

Impossible,Trompe L'oeil 14 September 2012 0 Comments

Putting it Together

Inspired by his two-year old son, J.D. Hillberry created the following trompe l’oeil drawing.  It features an impossible scenario of his son putting together a puzzle that is actually himself. Hillberry remarks that: At this age, he was just beginning to learn about himself and what the world has to offer.  I believe that this […]