Impossible Ring to Pillars by Guido Moretti

Animation,Impossible 4 July 2013 0 Comments

Impossible Ring to Pillars Thumb

Italian sculptor Guido Moretti created the following sculpture titled ‘Impossible Ring to Pillars’.  When viewed from one direction, it looks like an impossible ring (or circle) and when viewed from another it looks like impossible pillars.  If you stand in between these two viewing angles, it looks like a tangled mass of metal.  By rotating […]

Illusion From Rotating Rings

Ambiguous,Video 8 May 2012 0 Comments

Illusion From Rotating Rings

When you first look at the rings moving in this video, it might appear that they are all moving together uniformly.  Stare at the dot in the middle, however, and the three circles will become “unstuck” and begin to slide independently of one another. This illusion was created by Stuart Anstis & Patrick Cavanagh and […]