Torii Illusion (Hering and Zöllner)

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Torii Illusion (Hering and Zöllner)

Happy New Year everyone! Proferssor Dejan Todorović of the University of Belgrade created this optical illusion that highlights the effects of two different illusions known as the Hering illusion and the Zöllner illusion.  The blurred orange lines (representing a Torii, a traditional Japanese gate located in front of a shrine) are identical in all three […]

Zöllner Illusion

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Zollner Illusion

Do the black lines presented below appear to be parallel? The black lines are indeed parallel even though they do not appear to be.  In 1860, this classic optical illusion was discovered by Johann Karl Friedrich Zöllner.  This illusion was the basis for the discovery of the Poggendorff illusion.