Liar Face Illusion

Ambigrams, Ambiguous, Hidden Objects 21 June 2012 2 Comments

Shown here is the face of a man gazing to the left.  But there is also a secret double meaning.  Can you find the liar hiding in this portrait?

Liar by Paul Agule
Many sites do not properly attribute this illusion or leave the source either blank or unknown.  This figure was drawn by a New York artist by the name of Paul Agule.

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2 Responses on “Liar Face Illusion”

  1. Natalie Rose says:

    I got this right away. Oh and question, when those “scary optical illusions” pop up and say stare at the pic for a min, and you will see something scary, will something pop out, or is not scary at all, or what? My sis and I are scared to look at those, in case something pops up….

    • Brad says:

      The scary optical illusions typically end up with a face (or something else that is strange) popping up after you have stared at the image for some period of time. This is normally accompanied by a loud sound from your speakers as well. It can be somewhat funny to see people’s reactions, but these are pranks and not illusions. As such, we won’t feature anything like that on An Optical Illusion. So don’t worry about being scared to view anything on this site!

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