The Art of Deception

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Today is the official release date for a new 224-page hardcover volume of optical illusion art titled The Art of Deception:  Illusions to Challenge the Eye and the Mind.  This book, from Brad Honeycutt, features a foreword by John Langdon and an epilogue by Scott Kim.  It is a companion volume to The Art of the Illusion published by Imagine Publishing in 2012.  Artists whose work is appears in this volume include Rob Gonsalves, Guido Moretti, Bev Doolittle, Istvan Orosz, Oscar Reutersvard, and Kurt Wenner, among others.  The cover features a beautifully deceptive painting from Vladimir Kush aptly titled Butterfly Apple.

the art of deception by brad honeycutt

You can pick up a copy of this book at Amazon or your favorite retailer.  A French-language version of the book is also available and can be purchased at Amazon France.

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