Out of Africa Stereogram by Gene Levine

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While browsing through some of the illusion categories on An Optical Illusion, I realized that I have not posted any stereograms at all during 2015.  That seems like a shame because I have always been a big fan of this type of artwork.  Today’s image is a brand new design created by stereogram master Gene Levine titled ‘Out of Africa’.  Stare at this image… can you figure out what is hidden within the colorful pattern?

Out of Africa Stereogram by Gene Levine

For more stereogram designs from Gene Levine, be sure to take a look at Leapfrog Stereogram and Stop Stereogram.

(via Gene Levine)

If you are having trouble seeing the hidden image, or would like to see the solution, view the full post for the reveal (solution).

When viewed properly, this is what you should see:

Out of Africa Stereogram by Gene Levine (Reveal/Solution)

If you are having trouble viewing the stereogram, please read these 3D stereogram viewing tips.

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