Share and Share Alike

Ambiguous 21 April 2017 0 Comments

Share and Share Alike

This conceptual illustration from Tang Yau Hoong was created for Economia, a magazine that covers essential issues, news and analysis relevant to the topics of business, finance and accountancy.  While the topic of the magazine may sound a bit dry, at least they hired Tang to spice things up a bit with this ambiguous illustration.  […]

World Wildlife Day Elephant Poster

Ambiguous 23 May 2016 0 Comments

World Wildlife Day Elephant Poster

Last month, winners were selected in a poster contest to spread the word about UN World Wildlife Day 2016.  In total, over 300 entries were submitted and three of these submissions were selected as the overall winners.  One of these posters, presented below, was created by Patrick George from the United Kingdom.  It features two […]

Kölner Zoo Logo

Hidden Objects 4 August 2014 0 Comments

Kölner Zoo Logo

It probably goes without saying that we love logos that feature optical illusions or other hidden objects.  The logo presented below is for the Kölner Zoo in Germany.  It features a green elephant with a star for an eye.  Closer examination of the logo, however, reveals a few hidden objects.  Do you see them? In […]

Pointed Sense by Noma Bar

Ambiguous 21 July 2014 0 Comments

Pointed Sense by Noma Bar

Israeli graphic artist Noma Bar produces visually-striking and simple illustrations that take full advantage of negative space.  In this example, titled Pointed Sense, Noma captures a scene which he saw once where a male black labrador tucked his nose behind a female white labrador and gave her a good sniff.  Her tail was up over […]

Perceived Sphere Optical Illusion

Ambiguous 7 December 2012 0 Comments

Perceived Sphere

Do you perceive a sphere in the image below? Most people will perceive a sphere in the white space of this image, but the fact is that no sphere physically exists.  The placement of the “spikes” makes it appear that they are somehow attached to a sphere.

Exclamation Mark by Simon C Page

Ambiguous 13 September 2012 0 Comments

Exclamation Mark

As a finger and thumb reach for a circle, something else can be perceived in the negative space.  What do you see? Visit to view more works from graphic designer and illustrator Simon C Page.

Batman vs. Penguin

Ambiguous,Upside Down 9 May 2012 1 Comment

Batman vs Penguin by Simon C Page

This illustration by graphic designer Simon C Page presents a portrait of the caped crusader, Batman, in black.  Can you also locate  Batman’s arch nemesis, the Penguin? Continue reading this article for the solution.  You might be surprised at how easy it is to find him.