Terror Subterra by Roger Shepard

Estimation 21 September 2015 0 Comments

Terror Subterra by Roger Shepard

It certainly does not appear to be true, but the two monsters shown in this illustration are identical in size.  It looks like the monster in the background is significantly larger than the one in the foreground (maybe even twice the size).  This was originally published in Roger Shepard’s book “Mind Sights” in 1990.  In […]

Can You Trust Your Ears? (Audio Illusions)

Miscellaneous 6 November 2014 0 Comments

Can You Trust Your Ears?  (Audio Illusions)

Today’s post is a little different than all of the other posts on An Optical Illusion.  Instead of featuring something that will trick your eyes, this video features several examples of audio illusions that will play tricks on your ears.  Explained in detail are the McGurk Effect, the Tritone Paradox, and the Shepard Tone Illusion.  […]

Getting Down to Business

Ambiguous 29 August 2013 3 Comments


Please note that a new feature has been added to An Optical Illusion.  Directly under the search bar on the right hand side is a link titled Random Optical Illusion.  Clicking this link will do exactly what you think it might do – it will load a random post from our database.  While I was […]

Impossible Elephant

Ambiguous,Impossible 9 March 2012 2 Comments

Impossible Elephant

Psychologist Roger Shepard, a professor at both Harvard and Stanford, published a book called Mind Sights in 1990.  This book has been  described as “…both stimulating to the eye and provocative to the mind.”  It also happens to feature one of the most famous and classic optical illusions of all time.  While most people know […]