Getting Down to Business

Ambiguous 29 August 2013 3 Comments

Please note that a new feature has been added to An Optical Illusion.  Directly under the search bar on the right hand side is a link titled Random Optical Illusion.  Clicking this link will do exactly what you think it might do – it will load a random post from our database.  While I was playing around with it, I ran into several posts that I had completely forgotten about.  Have fun!

I have always been a big fan of the optical illusions created by Roger Shepard.  He created one of my favorite illusions in the world – the Impossible Elephant – and his brilliance is quite evident in his 1990 book titled Mind Sights.  I would encourage anyone who has not read the book to find a copy and immediately dive into it.  Today’s illusion, which appears in Mind Sights, has two alternate titles – one is called “Time Saving Suggestion” and the other is “Getting Down to Business”.  In this ambiguous image, you will either see two rows of arrows or a a group of men heading down a set of stairs.  The original image that appeared in Mind Sights was black and white.  This version has been colorized by stereogram and graphic artist Gene Levine.


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3 Responses on “Getting Down to Business”

  1. masodo says:

    I really like this illusion. Colorized is a plus (black and white would be too stark I imagine.)
    Great move on adding the random post link. I hit it three times and each page was new to me.

    • Brad says:

      The illusion works about the same in black and white, but I think that this colorized version is just more appealing to the eye. I’ll feature some more of Shepard’s illusion drawings in the future, he has a ton of great ones.

  2. Alyssa says:

    Amazing I always love optical illusions!

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