The Portraits of Paul N. Grech

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Artist Paul N. Grech attempts to paint people as tangible extensions of a living, breathing environment.  In his aptly-titled painting below, “Beethoven”, he uses a composite style to form a portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven from a collection of individuals wearing hats.  Have a closer look and you will see that the famous composer’s eyes are made up of the faces of two other men while additional people compose his head and hair.

Beethoven by Paul N. Grech

Continue reading to view two additional composite portraits from Paul N. Grech.

The following two paintings are titled “The Green Room” and “Einsteinum”, respectively.  Each uses a series of individuals and musical instruments to help form a portrait of Albert Einstein.

The Green Room by Paul N. Grech

Einsteinum by Paul N. Grech

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