Satire on False Pespective by William Hogarth

Impossible 3 September 2012 0 Comments

In 1754, William Hogarth produced the following engraving for a pamphlet about linear perspective.  It features many deliberate perspective problems.  How many can you find?

Satire on False Pespective by William Hogarth

Continue reading the full post for a short list of some of the problems with this picture.

  • The man fishing closest to you has a fishing line that passes behind a man that is further away from him.
  • The sign is connected to two different buildings, yet the beams show no difference in depth.
  • Distant trees overlap the sign itself.
  • The man climbing the hill is lighting his pipe with the candle held by the woman leaning out of the upper story window.

How many others did you find?

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