Hidden Face Optical Illusion

Hidden Objects, Upside Down 16 January 2013 1 Comment

The painting below, by Russian artist Igor Lysenko, depicts a woman in a yellow dress and hat standing outside next to a bush.  Hidden somewhere in the painting is the face of a man.  Can you find him?

Hidden Face Optical Illusion

The hidden face can be found by rotating the image 180 degrees.  When inverted, the landscape and the woman reveal the face of a man.

Hidden Face Optical Illusion (Inverted)

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One Response on “Hidden Face Optical Illusion”

  1. Stephen Melinger says:

    There is a human tendency to seek out an image of a face in any pattern or design. Hence the man in the moon and the devotion to biblical images found in natural settings as a piece of ice or a water spill.

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