The Bridge Sidewalk Chalk Illusion

Anamorphosis 11 January 2013 1 Comment

Like many others, I am a big fan of 3D sidewalk chalk art and enjoy featuring it on the site.  I am not exactly sure who the artist behind this one is, but would love to find out.  If you know the artist, please let us know in the comments.  This artwork really brightens up an otherwise dingy alley and the kid in the photograph appears to be enjoying himself.

The Bridge - Pavement Art

For more anamorphic sidewalk art, be sure to revisit The Anamorphic Chalk Drawings of Qi Xinghua, The Crevasse by Edgar Mueller and Lego Terracotta Army by Leon Keer.

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One Response on “The Bridge Sidewalk Chalk Illusion”

  1. Jack Modjallal says:

    The boy may be having fun walking over the boards,but from his vantage point the anamorphic hole looks grotesque and unrealistic. It only looks realistic from the vantage point of the cameraman or us the viewers. 🙂

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