Three Fold Cubes

Ambiguous, Video 16 May 2013 3 Comments

The following video was created by Guy Wallis and David Lloyd from the University of Queensland in Australia.  It was selected as a finalist for the 2013 Best Illusion of the Year contest hosted by the Neural Correlate Society.  The video presents an ambiguous pair of cubes that can be interpreted in multiple ways.  As the cubes rotate around, your mind thinks it knows what is going on.  Then they begin to rotate again and an entirely new interpretation is presented.

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3 Responses on “Three Fold Cubes”

  1. Andreas Aronsson says:

    Heh. Reminds me of my video I submitted last year: I didn’t even get a mention though 😀 eh. Guess I should just have stuck to the 3D models and not messed around with the paper, that was some crazy work @.@

    • Brad says:

      Thanks for sharing your video Andreas. Very good work. How long did those paper models take to create and film?

      • Andreas Aronsson says:

        Oh, probably spent a bunch of off hours during a month or so making all the models digitally, then preparing printable versions took another week or two, and preparing/filming took about two nights 😛 another night to cut it together, haha. And I sent it in at the evening of the deadline, it was nuts. If I participate again I’ll try not to be so artzy-fartzy but make something more university-study-looking 😉 Haha.

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