Brainy Tree Illusion by Igor Morski

Hidden Objects 11 July 2013 1 Comment

Igor Morski is an illustrator and artist from Poland.  I only became aware of him a few days ago when I came across some of his deceptive illustrations.  The tropical scene below shows a bird perched on the branch of a tree near the water, presumably the ocean.  The odd looking foliage on the tree also resembles something else.  I could probably go out on a limb here (apologies for the pun) and say that it makes this tree the smartest one around.

Brainy Tree Illusion by Igor Morski

For more information about Igor Morski, visit his personal page at

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One Response on “Brainy Tree Illusion by Igor Morski”

  1. Stephen Melinger says:

    This is suggestive of subconscious planned images put into advertisements. It is deceptive.

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