Corner Stores by Patrick Hughes

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Patrick Hughes creating paintings using a reverse perspective technique that he calls “reverspectives”.  Looking at one of these paintings from the front (see image below) make it difficult to figure out exactly what makes them so unique.  This painting shows a series of shops in perspective view giving the painting a sense of depth.

Corner Stores by Patrick Hughes

The optical illusion, however, is revealed when you move to the left or right and begin to examine the paintings from any angle other than straight on.  The following video will help to demonstrate:


Most people initially assume that the scene is painted on a flat canvas, but is anything but.  Rather, it is constructed from a series of pyramids protruding toward the viewer.  The parts of the painting that appear to be furthest away are actually the closest points when viewed from the front, but our brain tries to make sense of it all and assumes that those parts must be in the background rather than the foreground.  Even when you understand how one of these paradoxical perspective paintings is constructed, it still looks completely normal when viewed from the front.

Many additional reverspective paintings from Patrick Hughes can be viewed on his website at

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  1. Dick Larson says:

    Great 3-D illusions like this are featured at some Ripley’s Museums and Wonder Works.
    A similar 3-D illusion can be purchased at:

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