Vertigo Motion Illusion by Miwa Miwa

Motion 24 April 2014 2 Comments

While visiting Drudge Report on the afternoon of Tuesday April 22, I was surprised (and excited) to see an older motion optical illusion from 2006 by Japanese artist Miwa Miwa right in the middle of the page.  Miwa Miwa’s image, inspired by his love of Alfred Hitchcock movies, accompanied a link to a story about a man who had vertigo so bad that it left him spinning for 138 days.  While you may experience some vertigo-like feelings when you view this image, the good news is that all you have to do is look away in order to make it stop.

vertigo motion illusion by miwa miwa

If you want to experience even more vertigo, have a look at the Moving Mona Lisa Face by Akiyoshi Kitaoka or the Purple Nurple Optical Illusion.

And here is a screenshot of the illusion on Drudge Report.

vertigo optical illusion on homepage of drudge report

(via Miwa Miwa)

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2 Responses on “Vertigo Motion Illusion by Miwa Miwa”

  1. Bree says:

    At first I didn’t see it. Then-whoa! Whoever Miwa Miwa is, he has done a very good job. I finally realized what it’s like to have Vertigo… my head is still spinning…

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