Baseball Card Collage

Composite 27 May 2014 2 Comments

Using a 22 by 21 grid of baseball cards, mosaic artist Ken Knowlton created this portrait of his grandson titled Nicholas Jensen (Little League Pitcher).  The final mosaic, created in 2002, measured 32 inches wide by 40 inches tall once completed.

Baseball Card Collage

The further that you stand back from the image, the more recognizable the young boy becomes.  If you squint your eyes slightly, you will also be able to see the boy better.  A close-up photograph, showing the detailed pattern of baseball cards, can be seen below.

Baseball Card Collage - Detail

In the foreword of the book Masters of Deception by Al Seckel (Sterling Publishing), Douglas Hofstadter describes Ken Knowlton’s “coarse-grained pointillism” as “pure visual magic”.  It would be difficult to argue with that statement.

(via Ken Knowlton)

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2 Responses on “Baseball Card Collage”

  1. Joel says:

    Can you direct me to the software used for this collage?


    • Brad says:

      I’m not sure what software could be used to create a similar design. I think that this one was created using actual baseball cards – not software.

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