Superman Photomosaic

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A photomosaic is an image that has been divided into smaller sections, each of which is replaced with another image matching that particular individual section of the original image.  In this example featuring the Man of Steel, every section of the original image has been replaced with an image of a movie poster.  The creator of this image completed the process using Photoshop and a program called 2gether1 Pro which is a professional mosaic software program.  Using this process, he estimates that the average photomosaic takes anywhere from 2-7 hours to create.

superman photographic mosaic

You can get a better feel for how the image is constructed by zooming in and looking at the detail.  Here is a close-up of Superman’s face where you can see some of the individual movie posters that were used.

superman photographic mosaic - close up

If you would like to see another deceptive image featuring a comic book hero, be sure to check out Simon C. Page’s Batman vs. Penguin.

(via DolfD on Deviant Art)

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