The Architect by Erik Johansson

Impossible 28 May 2015 1 Comment

Here is one of the latest captured ideas from photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson.  The paradoxal geometry of the house leads to quite a bit of confusion as you admire it.  Is the man sitting at the table inside his home or outside?

The Architect by Erik Johansson

To see another interesting house that uses a similar technique, be sure to revisit House I by Roy Lichtenstein.

(via Erik Johansson)

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One Response on “The Architect by Erik Johansson”

  1. Hasan islam says:

    it’s a photograph of optical illusion. But the accurate answer is- The man and his pet dog are sits inside the house because look carefully there is a carpet and it’s a natural thing we used carpet in our room’s floor and no one use it outside the house. And there are some paper works or photographs hanging on the wall. Everyon will hanging ther important paper works or photographs inside the house wall. So it’s the write answer.

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