Can You Find the Navy SEALs?

Hidden Objects 25 May 2015 0 Comments

In honor of Memorial Day today, I thought I would post an optical illusion related to the armed forces.  This poster was released by the Navy SEALs for a promotional campaign.  The bottom of the poster asks “do you have what it takes?”  Unless you have been trained to spot camouflaged troops, you will likely have a difficult time finding the people that are hidden in this swampy landscape.  I’ve searched for quite a while and I still haven’t been able to find them all.

Navy Seal Optical Illusion

The hidden troops featured from left to right are:  LCDR Mark Simon, ETCM Eric Ollis, BMC Dan Ames, BM1 Michael O’Connell, EN1 Jason Fetterman, EM2 Mark DiPietro, LT Lewis Baker, and MM2Sergio Rodriguez.

Can you find them all?  For another hidden image challenge, check out the hidden animals optical illusion.

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