The Shapes of Imagination

Shadow 14 May 2015 0 Comments

John V. Muntean, the creator of the Magic Angle Sculpture, was recently commissioned by Ogilvy & Mather to create this sculpture using more than 18,000 LEGO® bricks for display in the Singapore LEGO store.  The true magic of the model, measuring 50cm x 50cm (nearly 20 x 20 inches), can only be seen when shining a light on it from the right angle and rotating it to three distinct positions.

The Shapes of Imagination 1

Photographs of what happens when you do this can be seen below.

At the first angle, the shadow cast by the sculpture appears to be a fire-breathing dragon.

The Shapes of Imagination 2

Rotating the sculpture to another angle, the shadow displayed is that of a butterfly.

The Shapes of Imagination 3

And with the final rotation, a fighter jet can be seen in the shadow.

The Shapes of Imagination 4

(via John Muntean)

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