Impossible Stairway by Nagai Hideyuki

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Twenty-four year old Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki creates deceptive pencil drawings on paper.  The example below is a sketch he did that features an impossible stairway that he calls ‘Strange Positional Relationship’.  It would appear that if either of these blob-looking creatures were to head up or down the stairs, they would end up on exactly the same level that they are currently standing on.  Perhaps that is why the one on the right has a look of disgust on his face.

Impossible Stairway

If you would like to see Nagai in action, you are in luck!  Below is a sped-up video of Nagai drawing this impossible stairway.

For more impossible stairways, be sure to revisit some other great works of art such as D for Deceive by Tang Yau Hoong and Impossible Stairs by Andreas Aronsson.

(via Nagai Hideyuki)

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