Minecraft Impossible Triangle

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My kids have recently become obsessed with Minecraft (they play the Pocket Edition on the Amazon Kindle), especially my son.  It is kind of amazing to see all the different things that he has built after spending an hour messing around with it.  It seems that he has just as much fun destructing the things (using TNT) that he has created after he has built them.  I guess that’s no different than building a tower with blocks and then kicking it over and starting from scratch.  Today’s video is a very short tutorial on how you can build an impossible triangle in the game of Minecraft.  As you will see, it’s very simple and only ends up taking about a minute to do.

I kind of like his idea at the end of building a box with a window in it so that people would only be able to see the triangle as being impossible when standing on the ground.  I kind of wish he would have done that instead of just mentioning the idea.

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