Swimming Rings by Akiyoshi Kitaoka

Motion 15 September 2015 0 Comments

When it comes to motion illusions, it is safe to say that no one does it better than Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka from Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan.  If you look at the two multi-colored rings below, which Professor Kitaoka calls “Swimming Rings”, you will notice that they both appear to rotate in a clockwise manner.

Swimming Rings by Akiyoshi Kitaoka

If you want to see some additional fantastic motion optical illusions from Akiyoshi Kitaoka, look no further than some of my personal favorite creations of his including the Moving Mona Lisa Face and Wavy Hair.  Trust me, check these out as you will not be disappointed!

(via Akiyoshi Kitaoka)

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