Global Warning by Truly Design

Anamorphosis 22 October 2015 0 Comments

Urban artists Truly Design was commissioned to paint this anamorphic work in the former Torino Zoo, which is located in downtown Torino, Italy next to the Po River.  The zoo was abandoned in 1987, and as you can imagine, this painting site was quite run down before the Truly Design team went to work.

Global Warning

Here is what the site looked like at the start of the project.

Global Warning 2

Quite an amazing transformation.  Regarding this work, Truly Design had the following to say:

The message conveyed by this piece is clear enough: time is running out and the Earth, as well as ourselves, needs a rapid change of attitude…. What better place to represent these ideas than a former bear cage in an ex zoo?

Both of these photos were taken by Livio Ninni.

(via Truly Design)

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