Vase Face by Gene Levine

Ambiguous, Stereo 7 April 2016 2 Comments

Thanks to Gene Levine for sending over one of his latest 3D stereograms.  It incorporates the face/vase ambiguous optical illusion in addition to the hidden image located in the pattern below it.  Take a deep look inside the gray swirling pattern and see if you can get the hidden image to pop out at you.

Vase Face

So, did you see it?  What is it?

Check out the upside down face illusion for another optical illusion involving faces.

(via Eyetricks 3D)

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2 Responses on “Vase Face by Gene Levine”

  1. sharla says:

    Love these things. Very relaxing and for some reason it seems to help my eyes feel better when I have a headache. I realize that is probably the opposite of the expected reaction

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