Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Poster

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Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard of the wildly-successful Walking Dead series on AMC.  As with many successful television shows, the creators decided to create a spin-off series to complement the original called Fear the Walking Dead.  Season 2 centers around the premise that survivors of a zombie apocalypse board a very nice yacht (named Abigail) and take to the sea in an effort to escape the zombie horde.  Of course, they quickly find out that the water is not quite as safe as they thought it would be.  The tagline at the top of the promotional poster for the current season says NO SAFE HARBOR aptly describes their predicament.  It also happens to feature an ominous hidden skull made from the sun, clouds, and the yacht.  Very fitting.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Poster

Fear of the Walking Dead Season 2 is the ultimate survival series for the luxury yacht owner. In the series, the Kadey-Krogen Yacht named “Abigail” could have cruised a longer distance thanks to its excellent fuel efficiency. If a zombie apocalypse were ever to happen, a yacht like this would be an excellent option to wait out the attack in a nice, air-conditioned salon.

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