Survivor Ghost Island

Skull 26 February 2018 0 Comments

Survivor Ghost Island

Maybe I’m dating myself, but I remember being obsessed with the first and original season of the realty TV show Survivor.  I followed it pretty closely for a few more seasons before losing interest in the franchise.  In my opinion, it just got really repetitive.  My interest was piqued again when I saw a recent […]

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Poster

Ambiguous,Skull 5 May 2016 0 Comments

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Poster

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard of the wildly-successful Walking Dead series on AMC.  As with many successful television shows, the creators decided to create a spin-off series to complement the original called Fear the Walking Dead.  Season 2 centers around the premise that survivors of a zombie apocalypse board a […]

Special Head Levitation on America’s Got Talent

Video 18 July 2013 0 Comments

Special Head Backward Levitation on Americas Got Talent

The street performer known as Special Head returned to America’s Got Talent last night in Las Vegas with a brand new levitation stunt.  This one was a little different than his previous performance, but still involved him appearing to float above the ground.  Instead of levitating by lifting his legs off the ground like he […]

Levitation Act on America’s Got Talent

Video 6 June 2013 10 Comments

Special Head on Americas Got Talent

On Tuesday’s episode of  NBC’s show America’s Got Talent, a performer named Special Head wowed the audience by levitating in mid air.  During his preparation for the stunt, a bored Howard Stern gave him his sign of disapproval by buzzing him and giving him an ‘X’.  The other three judges held back and let him […]

Bad For Your Eyes

Motion 4 January 2013 0 Comments

Bad For Your Eyes

We’ll start off 2013 with a very colorful and powerful motion illusion.  The circles appear to swirl all around the purple background.  The television set in the middle says “I am Bad For Your Eyes”.  Is this message talking about the illusion or the TV itself?