Find the Sailor’s Cutlass

Hidden Objects 16 October 2014 1 Comment

This old collectible card from 1926 was produced by a company called Major Drapkin & Co.  We have previously featured a couple of optical illusion cards from the same company, The Rod Illusion and His Own Size?, but this one is from an entirely different series.  Instead of being a traditional optical illusion, this card simply features a hidden object that you are asked to find.  So, can you find this sailor’s cutlass?  In case you were wondering exactly what a cutlass is, I can save you a Google search by telling you that it is a short sword meant for slashing.  They are not asking you to locate an Oldsmobile.

sailor - find his cutlass


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One Response on “Find the Sailor’s Cutlass”

  1. CJL says:

    On the sailor’s lower left pant leg, on the diagonal, pointing upward.

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