Major Drapkin Illusion Card #3 – His Own Size?

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Today’s illusion is an oldie but a goodie.  It is the 3rd card in a series of 25 optical illusion cards published in 1926 by Major Drapkin & Co (London) which was a branch of The United Kingdom Tobacco Co Ltd.  The back of the card states the following:

This picture suggests unfairness.  Ask your friends and they will tell you that the winning boxer is very much taller than his opponent who is taking the count.  Actually such is not the case.  Both men are exactly the same height, as you can prove with the aid of a ruler.

Major Drapkin Optical Illusion Cards #3 - His Own Size

More vintage optical illusion cards can be seen at Vintage Ambiguous Tunnels and Length of Lines (View of Street).

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