Wonderland Ambigram by John Langdon

Ambigrams 10 November 2016 0 Comments

John Langdon just e-mailed me a new brand new ambigram that he created for a project that he is currently working on.  The ambigram features the word “Wonderland” and reads exactly the same if you flip the image upside down.  I particularly like the way that the W forms the N & D when inverted.


As you might imagine from the ambigram, the project John is working on relates to a modern day retelling of the Lewis Carroll classic Alice in Wonderland.  His version is titled Alice and the Graceful White Rabbit and is filled with puns, wordplay, and hidden Rock and Roll references just waiting to be discovered.

You can support this project and reserve a copy of the book for yourself by visiting John’s Kickstarter campaign.  The funds raised from this campaign will be used for costs associated with printing the book and compensating the illustrator who will be creating 12 full-page illustrations and a lot of smaller drawings scattered throughout the book.  As a long-time admirer of John’s art, I have backed this Kickstarter campaign and I hope that you will consider it as well.  Click here to learn more about this exciting and ambitious project.

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