Kelly Ripa Ambigram

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Kelly Ripa has been in the news quite a bit lately.  It appears that there is a lot of drama between her and her former Live! With Kelly and Michael co-host Michael Strahan.  In what he called a “career move”, he abruptly quit the show (without telling her, which is why she is angry) and bolted for another full-time gig at Good Morning America.  I don’t watch either of these shows, so none of this really impacts me.  But, it seems that I can’t load up the Yahoo! or MSN homepage without seeing some new article about it.

I was looking through John Langdon’s site earlier today and saw that he had actually created a Kelly Ripa ambigram at some point in the past.  Since she’s in the news, I figured this was a pretty timely addition to An Optical Illusion.  You can see John’s creation below:

Kelly Ripa

If you turn her name upside down, it reads exactly the same as what is seen above.

(via John Langdon)


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