A CHEAP Ambigram

Ambigrams 22 November 2017 2 Comments

Here is a ambigram with a simple and clean design.  It was featured in Ambigram Showcase section of the book Ambigrams Revealed by Nikita Prokhorov published by New Riders in 2013.  It clearly spells out the word CHEAP and is designed in such a way that it could be rotated 180 degrees and still spell the word CHEAP.  My favorite part about this particular ambigram is the way that the H and the E come together to form a well-defined lower case A when rotated.

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2 Responses on “A CHEAP Ambigram”

  1. Spammer says:

    Hey thanks for this amazing resource! I think that it
    is supposed to be “they’re” instead of “there”.

    • Brad says:

      A spammer posted the above comment with a link to some lame site they were trying to promote. There is no “they’re” or “there” or “their” in this post whatsoever. An Optical Illusion – 1 …. Spammers – 0…

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