Can You Find the Navy SEALs?

Hidden Objects 25 May 2015 0 Comments

Can You Find the Navy SEALs?

In honor of Memorial Day today, I thought I would post an optical illusion related to the armed forces.  This poster was released by the Navy SEALs for a promotional campaign.  The bottom of the poster asks “do you have what it takes?”  Unless you have been trained to spot camouflaged troops, you will likely […]

Liu Bolin – American National Flag

Hidden Objects 20 April 2015 0 Comments

Liu Bolin - American National Flag

This is an older photograph, taken in 2007, but I had not seen it before.  Using some red, white, and blue paint, Liu Bolin camouflages himself in front of the stars and stripes.  The official title of this work is Hiding in the City No. 62 – American National Flag. Liu Bolin has painted his […]

Hiding in New York No. 9 – Gun Rack by Liu Bolin

Hidden Objects 18 September 2014 2 Comments

Hiding in New York No. 9 - Gun Rack by Liu Bolin

We featured several of Liu Bolin’s camouflaged body photographs on An Optical Illusion a couple of years ago.  If you are new to the site or happened to have missed those, then feel free to check them out here.  The photograph below features Liu Bolin doing what he does best – hiding in plain sight […]

Camouflaged For Survival

Natural 3 April 2014 0 Comments

Camouflaged For Survival

The mossy leaf-tailed gecko, found in Madagascar, hides from predators by blending in seamlessly with its surroundings.  They are nocturnal, so during the day they hide in plain sight but are still extremely difficult to locate.  Can you spot the gecko below? (via Wikimedia Commons)

Coffee Bean Optical Illusion

Hidden Objects 26 September 2013 4 Comments

coffee bean man optical illusion

Hiding somewhere in this pile of coffee beans is the face of a man.  Can you find him? He blends in pretty well with his surroundings, but once you spot him, you will see him instantly the next time you view this coffee bean human photo.

Liu Bolin – The Invisible Man

Hidden Objects 28 November 2012 0 Comments

Liu Bolin - Invisible Man Image #1

Liu Bolin is a master of camouflage.  So much so, he is often called “The Invisible Man”.  Liu was born in China’s Shandong province and earned bachelor and masters degrees from Shandong College of Arts and Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, respectively.  He is currently represented by Eli Klein Fine Art Gallery.  The […]