Vintage Forced Perspective Photographs

Forced Perspective 8 March 2013 1 Comment

Anyone who owns a camera can create their own optical illusions using forced perspective.  In the photograph below, which looks to be from the 1940’s, a woman sitting on the beach holds two of her miniature friends in the palms of her hands.  She really seems to be enjoying herself, doesn’t she?  Who knew camera tricks could be so much fun?

Vintage Forced Perspective - Ladies on Beach

Two young boys below create a similar illusion with one holding the other in the palms of his hands.  This kid looks even smaller than the two women in the picture above.

Vintage Forced Perspective - Friend in the Palm of Your Hand

For something a little different, this guy decided to take a photograph of himself jumping over a house.

Vintage Forced Perspective - Guy Jumps Over House

Photographers know some of the ways to deceive viewers and trick their senses, and they’re fun to try and play with. Playing with perspective in photos is a fun, creative exercise that can become very useful. Here’s another valuable resource to read for tips and ideas on forced perspective.

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One Response on “Vintage Forced Perspective Photographs”

  1. pary says:

    if the picture is not taken through an SLR camera, there will be telltale parallax at the meeting point of the figures.

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