Vintage Ambiguous Tunnels

Ambiguous 14 January 2013 2 Comments

In the late 19th and  early 20th centuries, it was a common practice for cigarette companies to include cards with their products to help advertise their brand.  Ogden’s Cigarettes, a branch of the Imperial Tobacco Co. (of Great Britain & Ireland) Ltd, released a series of 25 optical illusion cards in the 1920s.  Number 13 of this series is presented below:

Vintage Ambiguous Tunnels

The following is presented on the back of the card:

This illusion represents two archways, the entrances to which can, at will, be imagined either through the openings AAA (looking down on the arches) or through BBB (looking under the arches).

Which opening on this ambiguous archway did you notice first?

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2 Responses on “Vintage Ambiguous Tunnels”

  1. Brad says:

    For the record, every time I look at this image, I see the AAA opening first. I have to focus on it for a few seconds to “flip” it over to the BBB opening.

  2. masodo says:

    When first viewed I saw it as AAA. Upon reading the text I look for the BBB opening and found when viewed from that perspective the tunnel appeared to be notches in a clear substance such as plexiglass. When viewed where AAA is in the foreground I see it as a translucent construction as if made of tissue paper.
    Nice effect – Great Site!

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