Vintage Skull Afterimage Illusion

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In honor of Halloween, an illusion involving something macabre seems appropriate today.  The following illusion is a skull afterimage illusion.  In order to get this illusion to work, stare at the X in the eye of the skull for thirty seconds.  Then look away from the image at a blank sheet of paper or wall and stare at that for another thirty seconds.  If you don’t see anything when you look away, try blinking your eyes.  Were you able to see the ghostly hovering skull?

Skull Afterimage Illusion

This illusion is from an advertising card distributed by Pears’ Soap from the late eighteenth century.  This image was found on Deceptology.

If you enjoy afterimage illusions such as this one, be sure to view the Jesus optical illusion – one of the most popular optical illusions on the Internet.

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