Sorceror / Bad Witch by Laurent Blachier

Animation, Upside Down 23 April 2015 0 Comments

I always love getting submissions directly from artists that I am not familiar with.  I was fortunate enough to receive an email from Laurent Blachier a few days ago pointing me to some of his topsy-turvy animated gifs.  Laurent is an illustrator, digital collage artist, and caricaturist, among other things.  Below is an animated gif of one of his creations featuring a sorcerer one way and a bad witch when turned upside-down.

Sorceror or Bad Witch by Laurent Blachier

I personally have always liked these types of illusions.  If you’d like to see some other great ones, be sure to check out the work of Rex Whistler and Peter Newell.  These guys were creating similar types of drawings back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

(via Laurent Blachier)

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